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Corporate Culture

Our Enterprise Spirit:
Integrity, Pragmatism, Thanksgiving, Unity

Our Business Policy
Strengthen Internal Management with Strict Management System, Benefit Distributors, Benefit Customers, Create a First-class Enterprise, Create a Well-known Brand, Quality First, Customer Foremost, Respect Knowledge, Respect Talent

Our Management Concept:
Explicit Responsibility, Hierarchical Management, Rigorous Standard, Fair in Meting out Rewards or Punishment

Our Staff Concept:
Keep Our Resolve, Never Give up, Learn Seriously, Work Hard, Be an Honest Man, Play Fair, Do Everyday Work Well, Finish the Work That Must Be Done on the Day, Do Matters within Our Duties Seriously, Sincere Cooperation, Unity and Progress, Turn Good Behavior into Habitat, Turn Ideas into Beliefs

Our Service Slogan:
First-class Service Enthusiasm, First-class Service Standard, First-class Service Method, First-class Service Supervision

 Our Employment Criteria:
Be open minded to accept worldwide elites and provide vast space for ambitious men

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